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Curry Pizza House San Jose

Best Indian Desi Pizza In San Jose, CA


Curry Pizza House San Jose


4035 Evergreen Village Square #10, San Jose, CA 95135
San Jose 4035 Evergreen Village Square 95135
United Sate



Curry Pizza House is a pizzeria that elevates fusion flavors and craft pizzas. We make our pizzas with fresh, quality ingredients and combine flavors from all over the world to create unique and delicious pies. You can choose from classics like pepperoni or something more adventurous like butter chicken pizza. It's made with our Shahi sauce, and topped with fresh toppings. we`ve got you covered. Come on down and try the goodness for yourselves!
Curry Pizza House offers more than just Italian-style pizzas. We also offer Hawaiian Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, and Indian Fusion Pizzas such as Tandoori Chicken Pizza with our "white garlic" sauce.


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